Pennsylvania Common Core: Chambersburg Area School District

We can all add content, summaries, videos and much more to this page. We will utilize this page to continue developing our implementation plan of the common core standards. The purpose of today is to spend 2 hours diving deeply into the common core standards. As a result of our dive into the CCS, we will be able to formulate our thinking on the wiki page about what the future will need to look like in CASD classrooms.

National Governors Association Common Core State Standards Initiative, March 2010

Understanding Common Core State Standards PowerPoint - January 17, 2011 Webinar

Resources for Common Core State Standards [Wiki]

PA Common Core State Standards Resources [LibGuide by CASD Librarians]

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Southern Region Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Spring 2012

  • "Beyond Curriculum Maps: The Power of Language in the CCSS" by Dr. Michelle Saylor (p. 4)

The common core standards will support continued change in a deep and explicit manner. The depth will come from eliminating standards and narrowing the focus, similiar to high performing countries, so that depth of learning and knowledge will transfer into long-term memory. The common core standards make me think about making sure students receive powerful knowledge and a world class curriculum to compete in a global world.

Considerations for CASD:

What high level strategies will we utilize to embed common core into classrooms?
What will instruction look like in a classroom that is utilizing the common core standards?
Where are the opportunities present in CASD we can harness to make improvements?
Where are the biggest gaps in CASD with common core standards?

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Unified Arts


Information Literacy

Special Education